Till Nagel


Invited talks and guest lectures. For presentation at conferences take a look at my publications.

Meandering – Some thoughts on designing geovisualizations. Talk at Density Design Open Day. Milan, February 2016 (video)

Visuell ansprechendes Daten Design. Talk at Daten-Labor, a conference on the intersection between data journalism and sciences. Dortmund, October 2015. (video, article)

Meandering – On the design process of visualizations. Talk at Data Visualization Meetup. Berlin, September 2015 (slides)

Unfolding the City – Visualisierungen urbaner Daten. Guest lecture and workshop at Muthesius Kunsthochschule. Kiel, January 2015

Designing Information. Lecture at ShapeShifters. Brussels, November 2014

Rethinking How People Move in Cities. Talk at Architecture IO. London, November 2014 (info, video)

Urban storytelling: Visualizing real-time data in urban systems. Talk at M100 Young European Journalists Workshop. Potsdam, September 2014

Guest lecture and workshop at CHORA city&energy at the TU Berlin. Berlin, May 2014.

Unfolding the City. Guest lecture and workshop at the Royal College of Art, London, January 2014 (talk slides, workshop slides, workshop site)

Aesthetics City. Invited panelist at the Design Shanghai exhibition, December 2013

Talk at Visualized.iO, Berlin, October 2013 (could not attend)

Engaging geovisualizations. Talk at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, September 2013

Engaging geovisualizations. Talk at giCentre at the City University London, June 2013

Offensichtlich – Interaktive Visualisierungen offener Daten. Talk at Apps & the City Open Transport developer day, Berlin, November 2012 (recap and video)

Mapping the Urban Now. Talk at City of Flows conference, Hans Otto Theatre Potsdam, July 2012

Live Singapore! Invited talk at 5th International Symposium Planungsnetzwerk Geoinnovation, ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, April 2012 (report)

Interactive tempo-spatial data visualization. Talk on public transit data visualizations. Future Urban Mobility Symposium, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, January 2012

Grasping geospatial data. Talk on designing interactive data visualizations to engage public audiences. Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, December 2011

Pecha Kucha talk about my research. MIT Senseable City Lab, September 2011

Unfolding – A Library for Interactive Maps. Talk at Processing Berlin, August 2011

Geovisualization for Understanding Cities. Scuola di dottorato, Architecture department, IUAV University of Venice, June 2011 (site)

Interagitation – Zur aufklärerischen Wirkung von Datenvisualisierungen. With Boris Müller. Talk at republica 11, April, 2011 (video)

Graspable Maps. Guest lecture on tangible geovisualizations. Geoinformation and Visualization course, University of Potsdam, April 2011

Unfolding Data – Interaction Design for Visualizations of Geospatial Data. Invited talk in the Potsdam Research Cluster for Georisk Analysis, Environmental Change and Sustainability (Progress), University of Potsdam, December 2010

Grasping data. Guest lecture on tangible and multitouch interactions. Multimedia course, KU Leuven, December 2010 (slides)

Unfolding Data. Invited talk on how interactive maps and geo visualization help to explore and communicate multivariate data. up.front, Berlin, November 2010 (slides, pictures)

Venice Unfolding. IxD programme, IUAV University of Venice, October 2010 (slides)

Von Übersicht zu Einsicht – interaktive Karten und Geovisualisierungen zur Exploration und Kommunikation komplexer Daten. With Frank Heidmann. Invited talk on geovisualization. Management von Geodaten, Wirtschaft trifft Wissenschaft 2010, GEOKomm, 2010

Von Übersicht zu Einsicht – Konzepte und Anwendungen der Geovisualisierung. With Frank Heidmann. Invited talk on concepts and applications in geovisualization. Innovation durch Design, Wirtschaft trifft Wissenschaft 2009, FH Potsdam, October 2009 (slides)

mæve. With Steffen Fiedler, Jonas Loh, and Thomas Ness. Invited talk in the Interactive Lecture series at BTK Berlin Technical University of Arts June 2009 (slides)

Visual Tools for the Exploration of Complex Data. Invited talk at the eScience 2009 workshop, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, May 2009 (slides)

mæve. IxD programme, IUAV University of Venice, October 2008

Interagitation. With Lauritz Lipp. Invited talk on social networks, and ubiquitous computing at DesignMai design exhibition and conference in Berlin, DesignMai 2007 (in conjunction with an interactive mobile phone installation)

Eine Einführung in die Informationsvisualisierung. Invited talk on information visualization, University of Applied Sciences Wedel, June 2006

Talks at FH Potsdam

Below is a selection of talks I gave on data visualization, tabletops and FH Potsdam’s current research program.

Forschungstag FH Potsdam, March 2012

Interface-Design & Forschung. Positionen zum Interfacedesign, June 2011 (site)

For Prof. Xuyen Dam and students from the design department of the FH München. November 2010

For Volkswagen Design Center, July 2010

For directors of Potsdam public authorities, June 2010

For Dr. Martina Münch, Minister of Science, Research and Culture Brandenburg. May 2010