Till Nagel


TileMill for Processing
This tutorial describes how to create beautiful custom maps, and use them in a Processing sketch. We are going to use TileMill to style our maps, export it, and load the rendered map tiles into PImages. There are two ways of doing that. Basic A single image as static map. If you simply need a [...] Read more – ‘TileMill for Processing’.
Processing geo information in Wikipedia articles
This tutorial explains how to lookup and geocode places in a Wikipedia article and visualize those with the help of Processing. It gives an overview on related topics, shows how to display placemarkers on a map, and provides mutiple Processing examples. Read more – ‘Processing geo information in Wikipedia articles’.
Processing RSS Feeds
This tutorial gives an overview on how to load RSS feeds into Processing.org sketches, how to read and use the available data, and how to display it. Processing's internal XML methods are used, and various examples visualizing the contents of the news feed are shown. Read more – ‘Processing RSS Feeds’.