Till Nagel


Shanghai Metro Flow
An animated visualization of Shanghai's subway network. Shanghai Metro Flow consists of an animation with three network visualizations, and an accompanying infographic poster showing subway line details. The project is part of the Design Shanghai 2013 - Aesthetics City and exhibited at the Shanghai Power Station of Art. Read more – ‘Shanghai Metro Flow’.
One Year of Biking
Visualizing bike rides as physical small multiples. Twelve maps show my monthly bike rides from July 2012 to June 2013. I tracked all my bicycle trips in Berlin, and visualized them on a postcard for each month. Read more – ‘One Year of Biking’.
Unfolding Map library
Unfolding is a library to create interactive maps and geovisualizations in Processing and Java. Read more – ‘Unfolding Map library’.
Foreign Domestics
A comparison of national and international carriers in domestic flight routes. Some background information on my winning submission for the Visualizing Marathon 2012 with the Global Flights Network data. Read more – ‘Foreign Domestics’.
Border Bumping
Border Bumping is a work of dislocative media that situates cellular telecommunications infrastructure as a disruptive force, challenging the integrity of national borders. Chris Pietsch and I created an interactive map visualizing border bumps for Julian Oliver's project. Read more – ‘Border Bumping’.
Interactive Exploration of Geospatial Network Visualization
An interactive multitouch visualization of relations between geo-positioned locations. Our interactive tabletop visualization is intended to be a walk-up-and-use system. In our case study on research collaboration the targeted audience are attendees at scientific conferences. One of our main design goals for visualization and multitouch interaction was to facilitate first-time users to walk-up-and-use the system without training. Read more – ‘Interactive Exploration of Geospatial Network Visualization’.
Exploding Menu
Exploding Menu enables high precision selection of geo-located markers on multitouch interfaces. In a geo-visualization, in which the visual scatter shall show spatial patterns, places must be displayed at their original geo-locations. In contrast to non-geographic layout strategies, where a positioning algorithm can prevent occlusions, this may result in overlapping markers for places in close [...] Read more – ‘Exploding Menu’.
SimpleTouch – Multitouch library for Processing
SimpleTouch is a small library to create simple multitouch sketches in Processing. Read more – ‘SimpleTouch – Multitouch library for Processing’.
Muse is an interactive visualization of scientific publications to explore the collaborations between institutions. See Interactive Exploration of Geospatial Network Visualization for the updated version. Muse displays the affiliations, as well as the relations between them on a large interactive tabletop surface, enabling multiple users to explore their personal networks, as well as emerging patterns [...] Read more – ‘Muse’.
Venice Unfolding
Venice Unfolding is a tangible geo-visualization on an interactive tabletop to enable the exploration of architectural projects in Venice. The tangible user interface consists of a large display showing projects on a map, and a polyhedral object to browse these data interactively by selecting and filtering various metadata facets. Read more – ‘Venice Unfolding’.
MACE – Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe
Date: Sep 2006 – Aug 2009 Team: Tina Deiml-Seibt, Larissa Pschetz, Boris Müller, Till Nagel, Moritz Stefaner MACE (Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe) is a pan-european initiative to interconnect and disseminate digital information about architecture. The project connects various repositories of architectural knowledge and enriches their contents with metadata. The result are unique services [...] Read more – ‘MACE – Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe’.
Date: Jan 2008 – Mar 2009 Project lead Till Nagel Prof. Boris Müller Team FHP Tina Deiml-Seibt Steffen Fiedler Jonas Loh Tomek Ness Larissa Pschetz Moritz Stefaner Stephan Thiel Nick Rübesamen, Werk5 Team IUAV Prof. Vitorio Spigai Massimiliano Condotta Elisa Dalla Vecchia Elena Orzali The interactive installation »mæve« provides visual and tangible access to the [...] Read more – ‘mæve’.
A browser extension to ease revisiting web pages. HyperHistory is a web browser extension supporting the user’s browsing habits. Second only to processing information, finding it is the most essential task. As users frequently return to previously seen documents, this work focuses on revisitation patterns. The extension improves the browser’s navigational facilities and alleviates some [...] Read more – ‘HyperHistory’.