Till Nagel


Apps & the City – Open Transport
Workshop for the first public transport open data initiative in Germany. As first German city Berlin published its public transit data as open data. With others, the public transport authority VBB, the Senate Department for Commerce, Technology and Science, and the Open Knowledge Foundation organized the Apps & the City event on 29 November 2012 [...] Read more – ‘Apps & the City – Open Transport’.
Gum and Weighted Connections
Visual representation of edges with smooth junctions between circular nodes, with an aesthetically pleasing look of connectedness. This note provides Processing code, interactive examples, and brief descriptions how they have been applied. Read more – ‘Gum and Weighted Connections’.
Animated Time Range Slider
A customizable interactive range slider with animation capabilities for Processing. Users can drag the slider to change the selected time range, or move the handles to adjust the size of the range. The widget also provides some animation functionality, which can be employed by the application programmatically, or interactively by the user. Read more – ‘Animated Time Range Slider’.
Article on Geo Visualization
“Neue Sichtbarkeit” in Weave design magazine 06.11 Together with Cedric Kiefer, I wrote an article on collecting and visualizing geospatial data, and how it influences the perception of our environment. After a very brief cartographic history, we argue that the massive generation of geo data in recent years might lead to information overload, yet opens [...] Read more – ‘Article on Geo Visualization’.
Visiting the MIT Senseable City Lab
For a half-year sabbatical, I am visiting the MIT Senseable City Lab. Since September I am staying with the lab in Cambridge, MA, and will travel to Singapore after the Visweek conference to work on the Live Singapore project. The objective of the project is to give people visual and tangible access to real-time information [...] Read more – ‘Visiting the MIT Senseable City Lab’.
A radial range slider
A radial range slider to select dates in circular, recurring data sets. It can be used for repetitive event data, such as the time of day, weeks, or seasons, but also for other circular data, such as direction angles, etc. Update 11 Feb 2016: Find the source at https://github.com/tillnagel/radialrangeslider To adapt the range, the user [...] Read more – ‘A radial range slider’.
Stacked Donut for historical data comparison
A multiple donut diagram, with smooth changeover between the different values of the same entry. Sort of a radial time series visualization. There are many valid reasons to not use pie or donut diagrams, but on the other hand, it might be useful for specific data sets or specific applications. Transistions & Interactions Optionally, the [...] Read more – ‘Stacked Donut for historical data comparison’.
Flickr’s details-on-hover map
Back in June Flickr did a major redesign, with larger image displays, a cleaner interface, and lots of interaction improvements. One of the more subtle updates is the way the small map displays the location of a geo-tagged photo. The closer the user moves the mouse to the marker, the more the map zooms in. [...] Read more – ‘Flickr’s details-on-hover map’.