Till Nagel

About me

Portrait of me

I am a research associate at the Interaction Design Lab, a research affiliate with the MIT Senseable City Lab, and a PhD student at the Computer Science department at KU Leuven. My research interests are in geo visualization, information visualization, and tangible interfaces. See my projects and publications for more information.

I received a diploma in media and computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Wedel in 2002. Since 2001 I have worked for different media agencies and software companies as leading software engineer and IT consultant for international clients. Since 2006 I have taught courses on creative coding, information visualization, and multitouch interfaces at the Berlin Technical University of Arts (BTK), at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (FHP), and the University Iuav of Venice (IUAV). From 2009-2012 I was an adjunct professor for Advanced Media at the FHP. Since 2010 I am a doctorate student at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL). I participated as researcher in the MACE project, and was the project lead for the interactive mæve installation, a collaborative tabletop application for exploring architectural projects.

Some random facts
I have been to 23 countries. I sold a domain to CERN. I was touring with a theatre group for four years. I broke my hands twice, and my legs thrice, all in the year I was thirteen. I canoed in Norway. I needed to prove the Yellow Pages are in the Yellow Pages to get an SSL certificate for them. I lived on an organic farm. I was a Fido point. I was stuck for 20 hours on a snowed-in autobahn. I was paid for citing Heidegger on public broadcasting. I wrote a 3D engine in HTML. I put some random facts on my blog.