Till Nagel

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Till Nagel is a professor for visual analytics at University of Applied Sciences Mannheim. His research interest are in geovisualization, urban data, and interaction design, with a focus on how to engage broader audiences with interactive displays of tempospatial data. See projects and publications for more information.

Previously, he was a guest professor at Burg Giebichenstein University of Arts and Design Halle. Before that, Till was a postdoc at the FHP Urban Complexity Lab. He has a background in media and computer science, and pursued his PhD at the Human Computer Interaction group at KU Leuven. He is a research affiliate with the MIT Senseable City Lab, and the KUL Data Visualization Lab. Since 2006 he is a lecturer in creative coding and data visualization, and taught courses at several international universities.

He is the project lead of Unfolding Maps, a software library for geovisualizations and maps for Processing. His design work has been exhibited at Venice Biennale of Architecture, Shanghai Design Exhibition, DMY Berlin, and featured in The Guardian, Esquire, The Atlantic Cities, and many more.

Some random facts
I have been to 32 countries. I’ve sold a web domain to CERN. I was touring with a theatre group for four years. I broke my hands twice, and my legs thrice, all in the year I was thirteen. I canoed in Norway. I needed to prove the Yellow Pages are in the Yellow Pages to get an SSL certificate for them. I lived on an organic farm. I was a Fido point. I was stuck for 20 hours on a snowed-in autobahn. I was paid for citing Heidegger on public broadcasting. I wrote a 3D engine in HTML. I put some random facts on my blog.