Till Nagel

Unfolding the City – Talk at Architecture IO

by Till Nagel.

Talk at Architecture IO – Rethinking How People Move in Cities in London, 2014.

In recent years more and more data about the city is digitally collected. This data from sources such as mobile phones, sensors, and location-based services can be visualised to reflect urban activity. Usable and approachable geovisualisations allow casual users and experts alike to make sense of this data, to see the city in different perspectives, and to understand their environment.
In my talk, I explore the challenges in urban data visualisation, as well as showcase multiple projects that demonstrate current approaches to and new thinkings about urban mobility.

Find more information, including a transcript and links to directly jump to selected topics in the video, on the Architecture IO page for my talk.

Urban mobility visualizations

Besides some classic examples, I showed four projects visualizing different aspects of urban mobility. These were developed by me or my students, and are the following:

Touching Transport
Visualizing Metropolitan Public Transit on Interactive Tabletops.
Part of the Live Singapore project by the MIT Senseable City Lab (project, paper, video)

Visualizing temporal mobility variance with isochrone maps.
By Flavio Gortana, Sebastian Kaim and Martin von Lupin. Initiated as student project for my course Urbane Ebenen at FH Potsdam. (project, paper, poster)

Shanghai Metro Flow
An animated visualization of Shanghai’s subway network.
Designed together with Benedikt Groß for the Design Shanghai – Aesthethics City exhibition. (project, paper, video)

A multi-device visualization to explore your personal movement.
Designed by Christopher Pietsch, Gunnar Friedrich, Pierre La Baume, Luis Grass, and David Ikuye. Initiated as student project for my course Graspable Maps at FH Potsdam.
(project, video)

The Conference

Architecture IO is a new conference series at the convergence of architecture, engineering, science and technology, and will be held annually in London. According to their blurb they want “to humanise architecture, promote interdisciplinary discussions, and make knowledge accessible to everyone.”

This year’s theme was Rethinking How People Move in Cities and examined “the trends, initiatives and challenges driving the development of transportation systems in modern cities and the way in which we navigate through them.”

It was neatly organized, had a great and diverse bunch of speakers, and an exciting audience. Speakers ranged from Mikael Colville-Andersen, urban planner and bicycle expert, to Bruno Moser, head of Urban Design at Foster+Partners giving inspiring and insightful talks. Watch them all at http://www.architecture.io/talks/

I also loved they had information on the conference website for cycling to the venue. When the audience got asked how many people came by car nobody raised their hand. We are getting there.

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