Till Nagel

Graspable Maps, summer 2011

by Till Nagel.

This course was investigating how to use large-scale multitouch devices in combination with novel interaction methods for dynamic geovisualizations.
This course was in loose cooperation with the Institute for Geography at the University Potsdam.

Taught at the FH Potsdam.
Interfacedesign, 2.135 Advanced Media, Summer 2011
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Here are selected projects by students.


By Gunnar Friedrich, Christopher Pietsch, Luis Grass, David Ikuye, and Pierre La Baume

An explorative application bridging the physical and the virtual world by visualizing visited places in a social setting. It uses a fluid metaphor to convey the fuzzy, imprecise mental maps we often have of our environment.

After strolling through the city, users can put their mobile phones onto the tabletop. The tracked movement data flows onto the map, and uncovers visited paths and places. Point of interests within these areas become visible, which users can select by using their smartphone as tangible interaction device. Now, they can browse through pictures and comments, or share own content with others.



By Riccardo Lardi, Julia Kontor,
Paula Breithaupt, and Sarah Baron Brljevic

A touch enabled application to explore Germany’s design universities and colleges. The motivation was to give high-school graduates and other interested stakeholders an overview over the various design and art programs in Germany, and to enable filtering those according to personal needs.

Note the unusual vertical layout, which fits well with the shape of Germany, and aimed to allow users more easily reaching all interactive areas when standing in front of the visualization.


By Luis Grass, and Christopher Pietsch

Long exposure shots of UV LEDs used as infographic to visualize travel itineraries.

This is not a final project, but a small experiment for one of the assignments. It earned a special mention, though. Be sure to take a look at the other beautiful Lichtreise shots.

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