Till Nagel

Article on Geo Visualization

by Till Nagel.

“Neue Sichtbarkeit” in Weave design magazine 06.11

Together with Cedric Kiefer, I wrote an article on collecting and visualizing geospatial data, and how it influences the perception of our environment.

After a very brief cartographic history, we argue that the massive generation of geo data in recent years might lead to information overload, yet opens up new possibilities of seeing and understanding former invisible worlds. Short presentations of interactive map and visualization projects accompany the article.

I was responsible for the main text, while Cedric, co-founder of Onformative, lead the projects section. It was a very collaborative approach with lots of meetings, discussions, and co-authoring. You can find the links to maps and projects mentioned in the article on the Weave blog.

Writing an article for a special interest publication was a very interesting and different experience. Weave is the German magazine for interaction design, and can be bought at most news stands. While I am used to write tutorials and lecture notes for design students, and academic papers for an expert audience, I had not expected how much time and effort goes into even such a short article. A big thanks to the editors for all the helpful comments and copy edits.

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