Till Nagel

Interactive Exploration of Geospatial Network Visualization

by Till Nagel.

An interactive multitouch visualization of relations between geo-positioned locations.

We designed two working prototypes, following an iterative development approach, and demonstrated the first at EC-TEL 2010 in Barcelona, Spain, and the second at ACM Hypertext 2011 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. See Muse for a description of the previous prototype, demonstrated at EC-TEL 2010.

Walk-up-and-use system

Our interactive tabletop visualization is intended to be a walk-up-and-use system. In our case study on research collaboration the targeted audience are attendees at scientific conferences. One of our main design goals for visualization and multitouch interaction was to facilitate first-time users to walk-up-and-use the system without training.

Exploding Menu

Interaction sequence to select a marker

For an explanation and an interactive reference implementation go to Exploding Menu details page.


Nagel, T., Duval, E., Vande Moere, A.: Interactive Exploration of a Geospatial Network Visualization. CHI 2012, May 5-10, Austin, USA (paper, presentation)

Nagel, T., Duval, E.: Interactive Exploration of a Geospatial Network Visualization (Poster). VisWeek 2011, October 21-28, Providence, USA (paper, poster)

Nagel, T., Duval, E., Heidmann, F.: Visualizing Geospatial Co-Authorship Data on a Multitouch Table. Smart Graphics 2011, July 18-20, Bremen, Germany (paper, presentation)

Nagel, T., Duval, E.: Muse: Visualizing the origins and connections of institutions based on co-authorship of publications. Science2.0 for TEL workshop at EC-TEL 2010, Barcelona, Spain (paper, presentation)

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