Till Nagel

Stacked Donut for historical data comparison

by Till Nagel.

A multiple donut diagram, with smooth changeover between the different values of the same entry. Sort of a radial time series visualization.

Fig. 1: Stacked Donut with two different selected entries

There are many valid reasons to not use pie or donut diagrams, but on the other hand, it might be useful for specific data sets or specific applications.

Transistions & Interactions

Optionally, the Stacked Donut can be balanced in a way, the currently selected entry will face a given direction. Thus, the viewer can more easily compare the historical data, after clicking on an entry. In Fig. 1 you see how all the values of the selected entry are oriented toward the east, surrounding the baseline.

Fig. 2: Stacked Donut with connection to other widget

This now can be used to combine it with additional information display widgets (Fig. 2).


Fig. 3: Evolution of Stacked Donut

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