Till Nagel

MACE – Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe

by Till Nagel.

Date: Sep 2006 – Aug 2009

Team: Tina Deiml-Seibt, Larissa Pschetz, Boris Müller, Till Nagel, Moritz Stefaner

MACE (Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe) is a pan-european initiative to interconnect and disseminate digital information about architecture.

The project connects various repositories of architectural knowledge and enriches their contents with metadata. The result are unique services for searching and browsing architectural contents, for instance, by conceptual connection, geography, language.

The MACE portal is the central access point for MACE services for finding and enriching architectural learning resources. Together with the project partners, we worked out an extensible portal concept based on flexible interface widgets. We delivered concept papers, wireframes, layouts and fully functional UI implementations, using DHTML/AJAX and Flash.

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  1. Janice Pires says:

    Gostaria de saber se o portal MACE possui outro site na web, pois se encontra fora do ar.

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