Till Nagel


by Till Nagel.

This course was about tangible information visualization for collaborative use on a tabletop display. The German term “begreifen” is a word play on its two meanings: “to touch”, as well as “to comprehend”, maybe similar to “to grasp”.

Co-taught with Prof. Boris Müller at the FH Potsdam.
Interfacedesign, 2.132 Interaction Design, Summer 2009
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Here are some selected projects by students.


By Christian Hertlein and Marcus Paeschke


Fontplore is an interactive application designed for searching and exploring font databases. Fontplore helps you to easily find the right typeface for your project in a collection of several thousands of fonts. It lets you browse, preview, compare and print the fonts you are interested in. It is developed for an interactive table, using tangible objects to navigate and control actions.


By Stefanie Elsholz, Martin Schissler
and Tillmann Dierichs


Infractor is an interactive, artistic application that has been developed for a multitouch-table. It is based on the article database of the New York Times. The information can be searched, filtered and read by putting physical objects on the interactive surface.

The project got nicely featured on the New York Times Blog »First Look«, where it was described as a »stunning example of what you can do with Times APIs«. Kudos, indeed.


Incommon is a space-filling data visualization for a multitouch table. It displays posts and comments of »incom«, a communication platform of the design faculty of the FH Potsdam, as an interactive Treemap. Students can place their personal dongle near-by the table, thus highlighting their courses and projects.

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