Till Nagel


by Till Nagel.

A browser extension to ease revisiting web pages.

HyperHistory is a web browser extension supporting the user’s browsing habits. Second only to processing information, finding it is the most essential task. As users frequently return to previously seen documents, this work focuses on revisitation patterns. The extension improves the browser’s navigational facilities and alleviates some of the most urgent and well-documented issues both built-in and third-party solutions have not yet successfully solved.

HyperHistory attempts to mend the rift between the user’s mental model and the context-less representation the browser’s history provides. Furthermore, the extension aims to lessen the affordance necessary to efficiently gather and retrieve information by preserving the semantic context based on visited hyperlinks and estimating the value a single page has to the user.


Nagel, T., Sander, R.: HyperHistory. Proceedings of the sixteenth ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia 2005, Salzburg, Austria (paper, poster)

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