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Portfolio Booklet
In lieu of an up-to-date website, here is a booklet with selected research and design projects from 2008-2016, and selected projects from my students. Including cf. city flows, Shanghai Metro Flow, Touching Transport, Liquidata, and many more. Read more – ‘Portfolio Booklet’.
Unfolding the City – Talk at Architecture IO
My talk on urban mobility visualizations at Architecture IO - Rethinking How People Move in Cities in London, 2014. In my talk, I explore the challenges in urban data visualisation, as well as showcase multiple projects that demonstrate current approaches to and new thinkings about urban mobility. Read more – ‘Unfolding the City – Talk at Architecture IO’.
Urbane Ebenen, winter 2013
In this course we collected and visualized urban mobility data to reveal movement patterns and trends in cities. Taught in winter 2013/2014 at the FH Potsdam. See a summary of the student projects. Read more – ‘Urbane Ebenen, winter 2013’.
Shanghai Metro Flow
An animated visualization of Shanghai's subway network. Shanghai Metro Flow consists of an animation with three network visualizations, and an accompanying infographic poster showing subway line details. The project is part of the Design Shanghai 2013 - Aesthetics City and exhibited at the Shanghai Power Station of Art. Read more – ‘Shanghai Metro Flow’.
One Year of Biking
Visualizing bike rides as physical small multiples. Twelve maps show my monthly bike rides from July 2012 to June 2013. I tracked all my bicycle trips in Berlin, and visualized them on a postcard for each month. Read more – ‘One Year of Biking’.
Unfolding Map library
Unfolding is a library to create interactive maps and geovisualizations in Processing and Java. Read more – ‘Unfolding Map library’.

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